Let’s Overcome Failure + Learn How to Pivot with Neena.

Neena’s Signature Courses

Dear Future Lawyer Courses

Valued at $97

Neena walks through 25 different exercises to build up aspiring female lawyers to enter this profession with training on networking and personal growth and comes with a free digital copy of the book.

CEO ®ANI Courses

Valued at $97 (reg) or $127 (VIP clients get templates)

Neena touches on how to run a business with compassion, education, opportunities for others to shine in mind in 25 different exercises.

Trademark That Thursdays Full Course for Lawyers Only

Valued at $1599

Neena teaches how to run a trademark law practice, intake business clients, and learn how to trademark search like she does and more with templates. BONUS COURSE.

V.I.P. Bundle

Neen the Last Brand - Community Resources
  • 3 Free Business Templates with CEO RANI VIP Course

  • 3 Digital Books Series

  • Signed Copy of Dear Future CEO RANI Book #1


CEO RANI Regular
  • CEO RANI Course

  • Digital Copy of $80 TO FIVE FIGURES TOOLBOX BOOK #2

  • Signed Copy of Dear Future CEO RANI BOOK #1

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Neena was very open and honest regarding her time in law school and since. Listening to her journey and the advice she provided is proving to be invaluable! She was personable and knowledgeable about the process and the journey I am set to embark on. I truly appreciated my time with her and look forward to our next meeting.

Leonard Lynce, Jr. (Free Event Attendee)


Hearing Neena speak was microscopic to the unknown realities of the ambitious. Neena vividly described the transition between college and law school by sharing her innermost thoughts. More specifically, how to shift what we perceive inferior into a strength. This not only permitted a glimpse of her personal process, but also served as a tool of inspiration. Upon hearing her speak, I knew that having her wisdom in my life would channel some of the same motivation in me.” -Alleyah Caesar, Aspiring Attorney

Alleyah Caesar (step 1-2-3 mentee)  


“Stepping out of my comfort zone is something that I don’t do, but somehow I challenged my fears. I allowed things to flow which turned out to be a memorable experience for me. I came to Neena’s talk and this event willing to volunteer and help, but, in return,I received a message that will travel with me through my journey. Neena asked me to allow myself to feel exactly what I felt when everything seemed so distressing and find the time to nurture my inner-being without having to compromise my self-worth.” -Euralis J.

Euralis (Getting Back To You Post Break Ups Talk in Brooklyn NY)  


I first found you and your amazing light on instagram. I created a page called @retakingthelsat just to help myself stay motivated not knowing what to expect. Your account was on of the first accounts I followed and I have been nothing but uplifted and inspired ever since you came into my life! A true God send I labeled you my mentor from a far because although we are not in direct contact you have been nothing but a blessing helping me find my footing in the legal field. I am apart of your lost sisters circle and you recently posted and HBCU law summit that has been so helpful! I honestly could go on and on about how blessed I feel to have crossed paths with you put simply I can’t not let the night end with out saying Thank you!

Erika Gardner (Lost Sisters Circle Mentee)