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by | Mar 1, 2022

Everything You Wanted to Know About Becoming a “Paid”* Speaker

* Some of these opportunities may require investment or unpaid steps, we make no guarantee that these opportunities are absolute or will definitely pay you. It’s up to you to pitch.

Mini Master Class: ✨Getting Into Speaking and Course Creation: On a Budget



My Response:

✨Invest in a Lead Magnet Formatter on Fiverr | @kalitech + @dazzling_rai | Black and Brown Photo that are Copyright and Royalty Free for your promo

✨Get a PLR Mini-Course on PLR.ME and rebrand and input my own swag and insights

Free Trial on Podia

✨Roll out social media graphics made on Canva

✨Use Facebook Business Suite to Auto-Schedule the Posts Roll Out Campaign for 14 days

✨ Offer upsells when a lead magnet is secured for free that is paid for the PLR mini-course 🤯

Speaking Basic Starter Package You Need

Here’s my Promo Video for my Brand

Book Bundle with Coloring Book 1 - 4.26.21

Speaking opportunities: how to find them…

#1 Google search



#2 Speaking Collective Communities

  • Shine Bootcamp has a Slack where they post
  • Paid Speaking Opportunities

#3 Industry Focused: Find the Point of Contact

  • Cold messages emails for speaking

Sample Script to DM, Email, IG or Facebook/Linkendin Message:

Hi There!

We’d love to include your organization in Neena’s list of features in 2021. We saw your social media brand and are trying to get Neena featured to speak with projects and people she respects.  We are also happy to shine a light on CEO Stories you may not see. Is your organization interested in featuring Neena as a speaker or collaborating for group training?

If so, please email us at!

Her newest three-book series is A CEO book series tailored uniquely to help minority women CEOs master key business levels in their path to millionaire growth. It is a modern-day minority women’s business owner’s secret playbook to developing Compassion in their business dealings that Educates others daily and creates valuable Opportunities for similar industry leaders to shine.

It is written by her, a proud Howard c/o 2014 Alumnae @Neena Speer

More Info Available at

  • Cold calling to locations I want to work with

#5 Podcasts

So I’ve seen many podcasts where you have to pay them to be a guest. 😅  Some of them I would consider paying as a lawyer like the Legally Speaking Podcast by Rob Hanna and Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield. Those are the more well streamed.

I usually charge for my time, buuuuuuuuuuuut free features is the move when you want to get started!

Here’s the key:

I do a few free speaking events per quarter as a free

marketing tactic, but then I ask in return for:

  1. The recordings (unedited and edited)
  2. The target market they reach
  3. Promo Flyers and being tagged on social media outlets
  4. Their mailing list or to share my lead magnet with their subscriber list (this typically works if they don’t have a mailing list to provide, but want to include links in their show notes
    • Im also very wary of signing podcast releases periodt. Nothing comes free AND I require and protect my intellectual property Day 1
    • Always position to gain more access to your target market.
    1. Ask them to make an e intro to at least 1-2 other people interested in you as a speaker
    2. Ask them to give a video testimonialabout “what inspired them about your guest appearance”
  7. BONUS MATERIALS: I’ve found Clubhouse rooms to be far more effective than podcasting as I have gained more paying clients there and folks raving about my talks there, and the trick there is to :
    • Get on stage in the more well attended room
    • Be social and interactive
    • Raise your hand
    • Follow the mores of the app
    • Complete your profile
    • Only follow rooms in your niche areas to avoid junky “hallways”
    • Speak on Stages with Replays turned on only when you can add value
    • Join a Few Clubhouse Rooms in your Niche, but also Create Your Own Clubs and Rooms
    • Take the time to learn how to make an engaging room and content from experts
    • Feel free to follow me on there for more phenomenal tips
  8. Now for my podcast protectors out there who want to protect their IP, this advice is a different approach
    • I don’t represent podcasters mainly, though I do have one phenomenal podcast client who I will always tell to protect their podcast with a guest release and copyright right ownership clauses from photos to videos to audio.
    • I represent speakers, business owners, industry experts and consultants.
      • I protect the speaker’s own IP interest.
      • You do not have to agree, but it is a technique we use and people have delivered their email list for events with registration so that i can personally thank them for listening. Not everyone does it and that’s why I also ask to share my lead magnet instead.But the general rule is protecting the IP. There are always two parties represented sometimes more. But everyone wants to protect their slab of ip. That’s just the name of the game. We are literally in a business where each biz owners ip interest is in a distinctly different approach depending on who you advising : an individual or a business owner.

There are also monetization opportunities in being paid as a podcast speaker but more than that if you say something stupid on a podcast, what happens if you and the Podcaster have a disagreement on if it should be aired?

List of Speaking Opportunties

Submit an Opportunity via

* These Opportunities are both Free and Paid and Vetted Opportunitiea by my Speaking Circles *

TO FIND MORE OF THESE opportunities then use this search code on Google

site: /p “your speaking niche”

My Rates:

$3,500 – $10,000 flat rate packages depending on selected packages. All of the rates are listed at starting at.

When I first started out I was doing $500 and $1000. I have done many free speaking engagements for content I needed

I speak on way more than trademarks.

I wrote 6 plus books and do DEI TRAINING and have a Tedx Youth talk coming up in 2023

I’m was in a dope VIP DAY training that can help you better launch that aspect of your business if you want me to send ya the details. It happens Sunday at 5 pm EST or 6pm EST depending on your package

Events Planned by Me:

Side Hustles for Lawyers

My Speaking Engagements:

#DearFutureLawyer Book Features

  • Author’s Circle Podcast by Robyn Robbins (aired in December 2018 across 4 platforms)
  • Charles A. Brown Elementary School (1st-5th grade, over 75 kids stopped by the table and engaged with Neena and #DearFutureLawyer Book)- Oct. 2018
  • Hale County College and Career Academy: Book Signing for 20+ kids (books paid for by local donor and each kid got a meet and greet session, L.A.S.T. brand talk, book signing and q&a session with neena. Boys and girls ranging from 10th-12th grade came.  Their job interests ranged from lawyer to doctor to FBI agent to plastic surgeon to model to diesel mechanic. However, each one found something inspiring in Neena’s testimony. )- Nov. 2018
  • Pigmented | Spotlight Blog Feature –Nov. 2018-
  • S quire (@s_quire) Instagram Book Feature: Dec. 2018
  • HustleHers Ambition Vendor –Jan. 2019
  • Motivating Her IG FEATURE- Jan. 2019
  • @BecomingJD IG FEATURE- Jan. 2019
  • Mocha Books IG FEATURE- Jan. 2019
  • Recent Annotations
    • EAN 9780692163627
    • Title Dear Future Lawyer
    • Publisher Neena the Last Brand
    • Name Neena Speer
    • Catalog Advance
    • Issue January.2019.
    • View a Link to the Catalog Click Here

Trainings Completed:

  • (1) Summer Venture in Management Program through Harvard Business School (July 2013)
  • (2) 3-Day Accelerator Bootcamp with The Black UpStart (Fall 2017)
  • (3) Entrepreneurship Attorney Bootcamp with Dayna Thomas Law (May 2020-June 2020)
  • 8th Annual Virtual Trademark Day with the USPTO
  • AltLegal Connect
    • Attended in 2020 and 2021


Citation in Publications as a contributor:

As a Thank You for your tuning into my content…

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