We Protect Your Brand Like They Were Our Own…

Learn the branding strategies and re-branding techniques you need to protect your business the right way Day one that attracts, commands respect, and empowers you. 

Why I Do This…

I am in the businsss of SAVING MY CLIENTS TIME and LOWERING THEIR RISKS. More importantly,  I do that best by INSISTING on TRADEMARK PROTECTIONS!

  • When I say I will form your business, it’s because I’ve seen common business blunders in my own business that I had to spend time learning so that someone else wouldn’t have to.

  • When I say I will customize your contracts, it’s because I have had a graphic designed, and the artist refused to sign it over to me. Word of mouth promises are the scariest thing in business because anyone can change their mind at any time.

  • When I say I will copyright your content, it’s because I know how awesome it feels to publish my first book or launch my own t-shirt line. When you don’t copyright your work, you risk relying on common law protections. 

  • When I say I will trademark your brand or logo or even slogan, it’s because I know what waiting too late can mean and how you may have to wait and see for the next 10 years if someone takes action against you with a CEASE  AND DESIST or having to totally REBRAND YOUR BUSINESS because the legal battle is too costly

These are battles my ideal clients face but they don’t have to face them alone!

  • I started out forming 11 LLCs and the clients didn’t come for trademarks until much later that year. But the more obstacles I faced in my own trademark apps, the more I could understand issues my ideal customer faced.

  • I have the solutions to problems you’re facing and despite the very costly nature of legal service because of the full load of what we do and how we can do it efficiently, this is free. I even taught my intern just a fraction of all we have to do just to file an application correctly, and she was surprised by all the steps. That wasn’t even the search protocols.

  • I decided that you all deserved a FREE10-STEP BREAK DOWN FOR THE REELS BEGINNER GUIDE because I have been there when you get defeated by “NOT CONVERTING” your potential clients because you did not know how to market yourself effectively. I know you feel like you didn’t know WHY PEOPLE KEPT USING OTHER PEOPLE. Having loyal customers is critical to succeeding in expanding your business and can allow you to scale your business and increase your money. In a way, your first steps to an A1 Client Experience are the most important and easiest to trip up​ ​on. My hope for you is that when you’re ready to launch the right way and with your CLIENTS READY TO INVEST WITH YOU so that when it’s time to hit the next level that YOU’RE GONNA BE READY !


So come get ready with my free guide “10-Step Break Down for the Reels Beginner” where brands can get the tools they need to increase their client leads in a way that leads to ‘INCREASED IMPACT AND SALES.’


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I never imagined that I would launch a law firm…

Minority women face battles of hearing you’re “NOT READY YET.” At first, I laughed at the woman who believed in me, but one day as scared as I was, I said “I’M READY TO TRY.”

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Hi I’m Neena

Neena R. Speer is an attorney, author, speaker, and truth dealer. She runs her own solo law firm specializing in trademarks and IP law, criminal defense, and probate law and is an Amazon Bestseller. Most of all, Neena loves sharing her experiences as a law student, a Black Indian minority in the law field, and her journey failing her first bar exam. When she’s not writing, speaking, or helping her clients, you can find her at Starbucks, where the baristas know her to drink order by heart.

CEO RANI Regular

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There are less than 1.8% Minority IP Lawyers which means even less people have their IP RIGHTS AND CULTURE UNDERSTOOD by a person who faces battles similar to their own

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