WHEN I GROW UP, I WANNA BE a Trillionaire…

NeNe goes on an adventure and along the way she befriends many friends with different money problems to solve. On this journey, she helps many people in CEO ®️ANI town learn how to be in charge of their own wealth and getting rid of those limiting mindsets that make us react to problems instead of making a plan to solve them.

Why I Do This…

Neena tells her story about how she was born to thrive, not survive, when she nearly lost her life at 6 years of age due to chickenpox encephalitis and how her life has been both amazing in a loving home but riddled with obstacles she never imagined.

  • By the age of eight, Neena came up with her first business training manual to pitch to a local non-profit. She worked on it and tried to get it implemented before she graduated high school, but no one would listen to her BIG IDEAS.

  • By her teens, Neena did the busy work, learned the inventory process, and went behind the scenes of many organizations and figured out how to make their systems more efficient. When she went to Howard University, she launched her very own MATH TUTORING business, after many unpaid invoices and brief IOU too many, she finally started tutoring athletes in Math and French formally with Howard Athletics, and that’s when teaching math in a fun and unique began and applying her knowledge of financial literacy became something powerful.

  • By her freshman year, she learned that hustling ain’t all it’s cracked up to be if you don’t understand the business behind it. After growing with a life-long YMCA relationship as a baby in the nursery, to after-school, to volunteering, to counselor in training, to nursery worker, to nine years as summer camp counselor.

  • By her twenties, she kept on creating programming and acting as the proxy leader for many organizations throughout her career, but people would not let her lead. So, she did what any financial genius would do next, “created her own business,” but that happened after she did what others wouldn’t. Learn the game.

  • Neena not only loves kids, but she worked at non-profit long enough to learn everything she needed to start her own non-profit because her bosses had her create counselor schedules, camper schedules, do inventory, and yes even paint some picnic benches without a single complaint from her. Neena uses what she learned to empower kids to learn more about the amazing power of math and problem solving to understand money, business, leadership and making millions.

These are battles my students face but they don’t have to face them alone!

  • Neena started out launching her own non-profit and this dream came when she was only eight years old. But the more obstacles Neena faced as she grew up, the more she could understand the public service her business idea could serve.

  • Neena has the solutions to problems you’re facing and despite the very costly nature of starting her own business because of a full load of what entrepreneurs do and how they can do it efficiently. She even taught first and second graders in just a year how to start demanding more for themselves for their average annual salary.

  • Neena decided that you all deserved a FINANCIAL LITERACY GUIDE AND ACTIVITY BOOK SERIES because I have been there when you get defeated by “NOT MAKING MORE THAN “$80” your FIRST YEAR. I know you feel like you didn’t know WHY PEOPLE KEPT MAKING MORE MONEY THAN. Having the power to unlock generational wealth for your family requires a foundational understanding of more than checkbooks, budgets, and savings accounts. Imagine learning how to make reels and getting paid, how to get paid to drive your car with ads on it, or launching a multi-millionaire dollar business before you graduate high school. In truth, your first step to becoming financially savvy must learn how to use technology to build wealth to breed success. Budgeting, saving, and managing money are the most important and easiest to trip up​ ​on. Her hope for you is that when you’re ready to make trillions the right way and with your multiple streams of income YOU’RE GONNA BE READY!


So come get ready with my financial literacy guide “I WANT TO BE A TRILLIONAIRE WHEN I GROW UP” where students + teachers can ‘BE EQUIPPED WITH TOOLS TO BECOME FINANCIALLY SAVVY.’

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I never imagined that I would teach financial literacy…

Every day parents and students face battles with money. Have you ever wanted to provide a better life for those you love? Think about the doors that more money can open for you so you can stop hearing you’re “NOT READY YET.” At first, I laughed at the woman who believed in me to start my own law firm, but one day as scared as I was, I said “I’M READY TO TRY.”

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Hi I’m Neena

Neena R. Speer is an attorney, author, speaker, and truth dealer. She is a native of metro Birmingham, Neena Speer graduated from the University of Alabama School of Law in 2017, and received her undergraduate degrees from Howard University in 2014. In addition to owning an award-winning trademark law firm, Neena Speer is principal of a book, speaking and consulting company, executive director of a non-profit, and the author of two Amazon best-selling books, “Dear Future Lawyer: An Intimate Guide for the Minority Female Law Student” (July 2018) and “Dear Future CEO ®ANI: A Thriving Business Owner’s Secret Playbook” (April 2021).

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I equip Title 1 students with the tools to become financially savvy using mathematical principles and problem-solving through budgeting, saving, and managing money.

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